WQC Trivandrum edition

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Kerala Chapter of International Quizzing Association is hosting the 2022 edition of World Quizzing Championship and guess what, its coming to the Capital City of Kerala!!!
The quiz would be proctored by Mr. Arjun L S, an avid quizzer and a part-time quiz-master who has been a constant presence in the quizzing circle of Trivandrum.
He has participated in numerous quizzes across the state and winning some too. Currently working as a Junior Data Scientist here in Trivandrum, he was part of the winning team member of 2020 SBI Numero Yono Quiz – Trivandrum Circle was selected to represent the circle in Mumbai for the finals. He was also instrumental in setting up Barton Quiz Club, the official Quiz Club of Government Engineering College, Bartonhill, his alma mater. He has also displayed his expertise in hosting quizzes in and outside Trivandrum, serving as the QM for quizzing societies like I-Quiz Trivandrum, Q4Quizzing, Prajna Quiz Club and have hosted inter-college quizzes for professional bodies like IEEE, ISTE, IEDC, NSS etc.
We have got you a fitting proctor for the event and now we ask for you! Are you game for world Quizzing Championship 2022!?