About IQA Asia

IQA Asia is conceptualised by Dr Anurakshat Gupta who is an avid quizzer and quiz master. He has been part of the International Quizzing Association (IQA) from its days of inception. IQA is an organization that aims to promote, organize and standardize Quizzing. We focus our efforts on making this game acceptable and accessible for everyone irrespective of their gender, region, religion, language, race or culture. IQA has a global presence. IQA has already launched its quizzing activities in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. The flagship program of IQA is the World Quizzing Championship, an annual event that determines the World Champion in Quizzing.

Objectives of IQA Asia :

  • To make the game of Quizzing inclusive and accessible to people without any discrimination based on gender, region, language, race and culture.
  • To explore the potential of the game of quizzing as a learning support tool for all kind of students.
  • To standardize the game quizzing and ensure the reliability and quality of quiz related contents.
  • Acting as the regulatory body of Quizzing in Asia, address all the grievances related to Quizzing, identify the city, state and national champions, recognize and reward them.
  • To help create Quizzing chapters in major cities and countries across Asia.

Relevance of Quizzing :

The New Vision for Education, an initiative by the World Economic Forum has examined the issue of skill gaps among students and ways to address them. A school has to be a place to earn not only academic knowledge but also life skills that equip a student to encounter the world outside. These skills can be broadly categorized as Foundational Literacies, Competencies and Character Qualities.

Observation, Lateral thinking, Analytical skills, Logical reasoning and Decision making are some of the pivotal skills that fall under these categories.Students must activate and achieve them during academic life. Quiz plays a vital role here. Beyond a mind game, Quiz has its own Psychological, cognitive, academic benefits.

Another important concern about students of this day and age is, they are afraid of failures. This fear of failure is reflected in their mental well being and can cause a long term impact. Depression, attention deficit disorders and suicidal tendencies are at a high rate among students and Kerala is now the suicide capital of India. Quiz plays a significant role in engaging mind in the healthiest way possible. Thus this mind game benefits academic as well as attitudinal aspects of a student.

Student Registration drive by IQA :

We, IQA Asia, have decided to take up the responsibility to make the students skilled and academically efficient by using quizzing as the primary tool. For that, the first step is to get students registered.We will be spearheading a registration campaign drive that helps  to enroll the school students as international quiz players affiliated to IQA Asia chapter.

Benefits of this registration :

  1. International Quiz Player status : All students who take a registration would be recognized as an international quiz player affiliated to IQA Asia, a status that they can carry forward throughout the year. This title would give them visibility as a quizzer and stand as a motivation factor for other students.
  2. IQA Asia registration number : These players affiliated to IQA Asia will get unique registration number that stand as proof for their registration to IQA Asia, as well as the eligibility to participate in the official events.
  3. Official District, State and National champion titles for quiz players : There are winners and there are official world champions.The most prestigious thing a player in any game can dream of is being the official World/National/State or at least district/city champion, as recognized by the world body in any game.Quizzing is not going to be the same anymore. Even after 60 years of quizzing in Asia, students were not given or received an official status or recognition in any level, district, state or national. Now it’s time for a wind of change. Registered quiz players will get a chance to win these prestigious  titles in the game of quizzing through the annual competitions organized directly by the IQA plus through the points they accumulate in IQA ranked events.
  4. How to Register ? : Registration can be done online through this website www.iqa.asia There will be three options for registering as an International Quiz player, standard, premium and privilege card.The premium registration comes along with curated content available through WhatsApp periodically on various days and occasions.Privilege card members, apart from this  get contents connected to their academics and also get access to the Quizzes organized by IQA Asia chapter.
  5. Registration Fee : Depends on the country and region where you are in. Please contact your respective city/district/state / national chapter for details.
  6. Global Partner , Xpresso Global : Under the able leadership of Afthab Shoukath, Xpresso events has been doing top notch events in Kerala and GCC since the year 2005. IQA Asia is proud to join hands with Xpresso in spreading the concept Knowledge Revolution.
  7. Q Positive: This will be our flagship program across all age groups for the promotion of the game of Quizzing.Here Q stands for curiosity and this curiosity factor is present in every individual is kindled through the game of Quizzing, once done in the right manner testing and enhancing both knowledge and skills.

Contact : For more queries, please contact  : [email protected]
#198, 2nd Floor, CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560038. Tel: +91 9765984477

We hope to elevate the game of quizzing from a game played by only two or three students in a school to a mind game that hundred per cent of the students take up and make use of it smartly and efficiently for enhancing the learning process, developing and sharpening the life skills.As the description says, Quizzing is not going to be the same anymore. IQA Asia is looking forward to meeting and interact with District, State and National Champions of the future. Happy Quizzing!

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