IQA Quiz player registration is a project aimed at introducing an inquisitive culture among the students where the way they enjoy searching, earning and sharing knowledge and gradually upgrade their skills. It aims at developing a curious attitude and help them be more receptive to new concepts and ideas.
The registration is open to the school students of class 1 to 12th and the registering student will be given one curated content from IQA Research team every month (12 Contents in a year). This content will be having Quiz Questions and Answers, upcoming events notifications, interesting facts and trivia connected to your text books, interviews of eminent people including IAS/IPS/IFS officers .You will also be getting a unique registration card with an International Quiz Player status.

Quiz Player Registration

Registration fee is ₹ 150 + 18% GST (Total ₹ 177/-)
which has to be renewed annually.

Hope to see you onboard.
Happy Quizzing !
✅ International Quiz Player ID
✅ IQA curated quiz contents
✅ Registration Card