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About IQA

IQA is an organization that aims to promote, organize and standardize Quizzing, the popular mind game. We are focusing on making this game acceptable to everyone irrespective of gender, region, religion, language, race or culture. IQA has a global presence. We have already set our foot in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. The flagship program of IQA is World Quizzing Championship that happens every year to determine the world champion in Quizzing.

We established  IQA to bring quizzers together from around the world in high quality quizzes, and to help create and support national quiz organisations. Our mission is to bring  Quizzing to each individual and to have quiz recognized as a mind sport. We want to actively encourage people to want to know about the world around them.

The IQA is run by five quiz enthusiasts who represent different parts of the world:

Jane Allen, Managing Director : [email protected]

Steven De Ceuster, Director, Western Europe : [email protected]

Dr Anurakshat Gupta, Director, Asia : [email protected]

Chris Jones, Director, Global : [email protected]

Arko Olesk, Director, Eastern Europe : [email protected]

The IQA Directors are supported by three Associate Directors:Abel Gilsing, Netherlands : [email protected]

Hitomi Kondo, Japan : [email protected]

Lee-Ann Whitlock, North America: [email protected]

World Quizzing Championships : It has been organized since 2003. It’s a written event consisting of 240 questions from culture, entertainment, history, media, lifestyle, sciences, sport and game, and world genres. Another major event by IQA is Junior World quizzing Championship for under 19 category. The World Quizzing Championships are the result of a worldwide cooperation that includes representatives in each of the participating countries.The questions for this event are set by the IQA Directors along with : Hitomi Kondo, Japan, Leslie Elman, USA.

We also run a number other international competitions, including :

Quiz Olympiad – global competition across a weekend in a single location every four years
European Quizzing Championships – annual contest in a single location taking place over a weekend in Europe
Hot 100 – monthly global quiz contest taking place in venues all over the world for rankings points