WQC Sharjah edition

54 Shrj
The World Quizzing Championship is coming to the Cultural capital of the UAE, Sharjah! The city, known for both its hospitality and also its treasure trove of knowledge with all the libraries, museums and cultural centers, will now be a host to an event which aims to be a hub for knowledge seekers.
For the event, we have Mosis Hussain as our Proctor, currently employed as a student counsellor with Allen Career Institute Overseas in Sharjah Center. He has four years of experience counselling students and advising them on the best path to take in the future. He enjoys interacting with students, answering their questions, guiding them, and informing them about the opportunities available to them around the world.
The event will be On the 4th of June at 12:30pm, the Venue is at the Mezzanine Floor Dubai Islamic Bank Building – Al Zahra’a St Al Qasimia – Al Nud, Sharjah