Mentor, Thrissur Chapter

6 Shamin Mentor
Ms Shamin Manet Joy
Mentor, Thrissur Chapter
Being the Co-founder of the website ‘Q4Quizzing.Com‘ Ms Shamin Manet Joy is one of the prominent lady Quizmaster in the region and a strong pillar of research and content team of Q Factory (Quiz Kerala)
A senior trainer and mentor of Q Positive, she conducts training programs for school students in various schools in Malabar Region.
She was the Proctor of World Quizzing Championship that was organized in Thrissur during June 2019.
She was also one among the organizers of Reverberate 12.0 (2019)-which was awarded the official record of the biggest Quiz Festival in the World.
She adorned the role of Quiz Master in dozens of Quizzes, major ones – Info Fest: State Level – Inter-Collegiate Quiz, Le Devinette – State Level Inter-Collegiate Business Quiz, Info Q – State Level Higher Secondary School Quiz, Q Positive League.
IQA Asia recognises your contributions to promote the game of Quizzing and we are glad to have you on board. We wish you all the very best in the journey ahead!
Happy Quizzing!!