World Quizzing Championships 2023

Wqc 1
The International Quizzing Association, in association with the District Administrations and Kerala’s first registered Quiz organizers, Q Factory, is bringing the World Quizzing Championship to Kerala once again.The event to identify the official World Champion in Quizzing will happen in all 14 districts of the state
Knowledge lovers can participate in this competition happening at more than 100 venues across the globe on 3rd June(Saturday) at 3 pm(IST).
This written quiz provides an opportunity to represent India in a world championship. The quiz comprises of 240 questions chosen from 8 topics( e.g.. science, sports etc. ) which has to be completed within 2 hours. Those who successfully attempt the quiz will receive, besides the joy of rubbing shoulders with world class quizzers, a world ranking in quizzing and a certificate for representing India in the World Championship.
For registration and more details : 79076 35399, 94956 69086