WQC Qatar edition

57 Qtr
Akshaya G Ashok started Quizzing during her childhood days and has not stopped since. A Winner of numerous Quizzes during her school, she continued to do so in college as well, this time with an addition of conducting Quizzes.
She was part of the Govt’s project for empowering children in children’s homes in various locations. She was also the lead Quiz trainer for Model Residential School Kannur and also part of the Q Positive project in Calicut, Malappuram and Trivandrum.
After a brief stint with the Department of archives, she went abroad and worked for various institutions in Qatar. She and her husband Sooraj, enjoy a celebrity status on Social media, with their short reels and promotional videos for famous brands and also helps the public get access to information about various schemes and offers available.
She is also an integral part of Q Factory, she started associating with IQA in 2018 and was chosen as the Proctor for the first ever Qatar edition of World Quizizng Championship. Now she is back with a bigger one this time, in the marketing division of MITE Consultancy, Doha, the organizing partner who is bringing the event there on 4th June 2022.
Quizzers, Quiz Masters and all knowledge lovers of Qatar, buckle up! As the chance to participate in one of the toughest Quizzes on this planet. Let’s see where you stand among some of the best Quiz players and former World Champions across the globe.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to claim the certificate of representing Qatar in a World Championship in the ultimate game of knowledge. See you there at MITE on 4th June at 12.30 pm.
Quizzing Sans Borders!