WQC Palakkad edition

36 Pkd
This year’s World Quizzing Championship is coming to the “Granary of Kerala”, Palakkad. The district that’s home to the famous Silent Valley National Park, will host the world championship of quizzing, along with many other locations around the world.
Amal Damodaran, a QPositive trainer and the IQA Palakkad chapter coordinator, will proctor the Palakkad edition. Amal, a third-year MBBS student at Government Medical College Palakkad, has placed first in a number of prestigious quizzes, including the Arogyatharakam State-level Health Quiz, the MPEDA Marine Quest, Asianet’s Proud to be an Indian Quiz, and the Gandhi Quiz by Gandhi Peace Foundation. As a result of his victories, he was able to travel to South Africa and various parts of India.
We welcome all quizzers from Palakkad to join us on the 4th of June 2022 at 2pm from Victoria College Palakkad for the ultimate showdown.
Happy Quizzing!