Mentor, Kerala & GCC chapters

10 Afthab Mentor
Mr Afthab Shoukath PV
Mentor, Kerala and GCC.
Afthab Shoukath PV, chairman of Xpresso global is an Ultrapreneur, Business Consultant, Speaker and Trainer.
He started his career as the CEO of Benchmark International School and Peeveeaar Developers Manjeri. He was the founder and CEO of ASA consulting.
Being the CEO of Benchmark International School, Manjery, Afthab is a visionary academician. His project EASY, “Entrepreneur Aspirant’s Summit for Youth” for the aspiring entrepreneurs is outstanding, and his speeches are highly motivating.
On identifying the significance of the Game of Quizzing, Mr Afthab and his Xpresso events have played a vital role in executing some of the notable Quiz events in the city. Afthab and his wife are blessed with a daughter, Aanin.
Afthab, IQA Asia recognises your expertise and spirit to take this game to the next level. We wish you all the very best on the fantastic journey ahead.
Happy Quizzing!!